Lingerie Football- R U Serious

I think this has got to be another money maker to exploit women.  Granted , I’m sure some of the players who participate in this league are true athletes.  But why is it necessary for them to wear lingerie that shows off their bodies?  Would they get the same amount of coverage if they wore uniforms that covered them up?  I think the same apply to women who wrestle in the WWE. Their usually dressed in very little and leave very little to the imagination. Most of these women have appeared in Playboy and other men magazines. Is this the price a woman have to pay (showing her assets) to make it in the entertainment industry? Double standard is prevalent in this league and other industries in our society when speaking about the male and female.

The Lingerie Football League is an all-woman league of football teams that play in skimpy uniforms, primarily consisting of  lingerie and shoulder pads.  The league began in 2005 as an extension of the Lingerie Bowl, a halftime event held during the Super Bowl.  Just like in the NFL, the Lingerie Football League is played in a full-contact manner with players wearing lingerie, pads and helmets.  The rules differ from the NFL as the field is smaller, consisting of a 50-yard field rather than the traditional 100 yards. Why should the field be smaller? Is this a way to say that women can’t run as far as men?  There is no punting or field goals and games consist of two 17-minute halves plus an eight-minute sudden-death overtime period if necessary.  Rather than using the point-after attempt following a touchdown, teams have the option to score one extra point using a rush or pass at the two-yard line or two points using a rush or pass at the five-yard line.

In the 2010-11 Lingerie Football League season, 10 teams participate, including the addition of new teams in Orlando, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland.  Teams in New York and Denver withdrew from the league for the season.  The season began on September 24, 2010, with weekly games on Fridays.



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