The rise in Interracial Dating

My cousin was recently telling me that her and her boyfriend just celebrated their 1yr anniversary . Her boyfriend is white and is a wonderful guy. I told her how happy I was that she finally met someone who could keep her happy for a year and who gets along with her daughter. 

Interracial dating is becoming more accepted in the United States today- The percentage of African-American marriages involving a white spouse more than tripled between 1960 and 1990.  Movies, Music Videos , commercials and even magazine advertisements now  will feature a male white model with a Black woman. Either embracing , cuddling, or just looking happy together as a couple. Some commercials even have children in the commercial that look mix.  Just look at the many actors and actresses of color in Hollywood that date outside of their race: Halle Berry, Lawrence Fishbourne, Taye Diggs, Robert De Niro, Whoopie Goldberg, and many more.

Has society finally accepted the fact that Love can come in all shapes and colors? Looking beyond the color spectrum is ok. Despite progress, race and ethnicity remain divisive issues in American culture.  It’s realistic to expect that prejudices, stereotypes and challenges will be encountered when dating someone outside of your race.

In the music video by Elle Varner:“I Don’t Care” follows the story of two couples: 1) a same-sex interracial couple that is threatened into a fight at a party but ends up escaping to save each other and 2) a young interracial couple that draws the wrath of the girl’s father when the boy drops her off at home. Elle and her featured lover seem to complement the blissful, paradise-love that those couples experience with each other despite the constant hurtful disapproval of others towards their relationships, which can never stop them from loving each other.  The Video is shot well and shows the viewing audience at the end, Love has no color barriers.

Perhaps all this interracial romance is a step toward eliminating racial hatred. Given that one outcome of these unions is interracial children, races are increasingly blending. As it becomes more difficult to stick people into categories, judging people according to labels and stereotypes becomes more difficult. Maybe a day will come where it is blatantly clear to everyone that racism makes no sense.


One thought on “The rise in Interracial Dating

  1. I applaud her on her anniversary. People are definitely a bit more accepting of ‘differences’ in today’s society. This just goes to show how mixed up we are in todays society. I love the mixes. Besides love has no labels in my world, no color labels, no age labels, and no gender labels either.

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